Carla Monteiro-Reuter LL.M.


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'According to' or 'in accordance with'?

How should you use 'according to' and 'in accordance with' in legal drafting, especially with reference to the German expressions 'gemäß' and 'in Übereinstimmung mit'?

Make small talk great again

In a world full of talkers, perhaps the greatest gift you can give another person is your undivided attention. Some ideas for transforming our experience of small talk.

Legal English certificate course in May 2019

The Legal English certificate course for practising lawyers, English Communcation for Legal Practice, will run again in May 2019 at the ZWW, University of Augsburg.

How polite do I have to be?

Three critical points that have an impact on a lawyer’s chosen level of formality in written communication.

Intercultural difference in legal practice

Two situations in which intercultural difference can cause problems between direct and indirect cultures in legal practice.

False friends: 'Garantie' and guarantee

The difficulty caused by a rather innocuous-looking little German word: 'Garantie'.

A false friend: control this out

Workarounds for the false friends 'kontrollieren' and 'control'.

Global law firm or mom-and-pop shop?

Global legal practice: an argument in favour of maintaining the integrity of the local office.



Carla Monteiro-Reuter LL.M.

Owner at TRANSACTRAINING (Munich); Solicitor of England & Wales (non-practising); Legal English and legal communication skills trainer/coach (in person and online), legal training materials developer and legal proofreader/translator (DE-EN).

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